Woodworking Videos Keepsake Box Cocobolo

Today at Fun Hobby Videos check out these woodworking videos. This is a 2 part video series on creating a fine looking keepsake box. The box is a very nice piece that even includes a place to keep a treasured photo. If you plan on undertaking this project it goes without saying to take proper care to ensure your safety.

I know there are many, myself included, who will not have a wood shop with a setup like this. That’s alright Use these as plans to build your own version, even with hand tools.

In the video he uses cocobolo. That is a very nice tropical wood. That can be used to make some very nice wood working projects. My uncle used to turn some very nice pens, back before everybody and their mother jumped on handmade pens. His designs using Cocobolo were some of my favorites. I’ll have to see if I can get him to make some woodworking videos; he has one heck of a setup.

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