Wine Bottle Crafts

Go Green With Wine Bottle Crafts.

Wine bottle crafts are a great green craft. Any craft that makes use of recycled materials is great. These crafts are easy to personalize and make great gifts. Check out these wine bottle craft videos.

Wine Bottle Crafts: Make an Oil Lamp

This video shows you how to make an oil lamp from a wine bottle. Only a few supplies are needed such as a wick a few nuts and some lamp oil. This is a great wine bottle craft that can help you to get some use out of old bottles. You could also add some flair to the wine bottle to spice it up a bit.

Wine Bottle Crafts: Incense Holder

This one will take some tools and safety precautions. You will have to drill a hole in the wine bottle. Watch the video and learn to make this incense holder from a wine bottle. Don’t forget safety glasses. Once again you may decorate the wine bottles as you like.

Wine Bottle Crafts: Painting Your Bottles

This video will show you how to paint your wine bottle crafts. Once you have made your crafts follow this video to personalize and decorate your wine bottle crafts.

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