The Bedazzler Will Never Die

The Bedazzler keeps going strong after all these years. Years may go by that you hear no mention of this rhinestone setter, but you can be assured that it will reemerge. At fun hobby videos lately most of my posts have been about the Knifty Knitter. I figured I would talk about another affordable craft that really benefits from your imagination.

The Bedazzler is actually a pretty neat little gizmo. You can find the Bedazzler for sale at the links on this page. Keep in mind that you are not limited to the cheesy Bedazzled garments of back in the day.
My mom does some pretty neat things with her Bedazzler. I’m going to try and get some videos of her bedazzled projects. She embellishes shoes that turn out really nice.

For now I will post this Bedazzler video with Tana from the Apprentice. It gives you an idea of what the Bedazzler can do.

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