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Throwing a Set of Mugs on a Pottery Wheel

In this pottery wheel video you will see the process of throwing a mug, pulling a handle and putting it all together. Throwing pottery is definitely a cool hobby. In case you would like to make a set of mugs here is another pottery wheel video that shows you tips and tricks for throwing pieces […]

January 20, 2011 0
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No Mess Kids Crafts for Around 20 Bucks

You may have noticed lately I have been adding childrens craft videos to Fun Hobby Videos. I wrote this post up to feature a few crafts that are ideal for children. These crafts can all be tried out for around twenty bucks. Another feature of these kids crafts is minimal cleanup. It is always nice […]

November 29, 2010 0
Loom Knitting Videos
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Cute Looom Knitting Video

Loom knitting like many other great crafts and hobbies can span many generations. This is really a nice video about some lessons on a knitting loom definitely worth checking out. Loom knitting can be a fun way to make beautiful knit projects fast. Find Loom knitting patterns

April 4, 2010 0
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Welcome To Fun Hobby Videos

Hello and welcome to fun hobby videos. We hope to be a great resource for those looking for great videos of their favorite hobbies. The videos we will feature will range from crochet and knitting to digital photography and much more. Expect updates often in all of the categories. I don’t know what else to […]

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Great Craft Projects

craft projects

Discount Craft Supplies

discount craft supplies