RC Helicopter Video: Great for Beginners

Ready to start a new fun hobby. Check out the video of this cool RC helicopter.

Looking to get started in the wonderful fun hobby of RC helicopters. Check out this hobby video of the Falcon 40 radio controlled helicopter. This is a cool beginner RC heli that won’t break the bank. The Falcon 40 comes full factory assembled. It is suitable to be flown indoors or out. If you are just getting started with this fun hobby, it would be a good idea to spend the 20 bucks and get the simulator to help you learn how to fly this thing, and add the anti crash trainer for six bucks it’ll save you some money and heartache in the long run. As an added bonus I found a great deal on this cool helicopter plus free shipping. Make sure you use the coupon code.

Full Function Radio Controlled
4 Channel R/C Set included, complete Left/ Right, Up/ Down Control ( RUDDER, AILERON, ELEVATOR AND THROTTLE
Carbon Fiber Flybar and boom for Superior strength and durability
10-15 minutes Flight time for each charge
Full spare Parts available

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