Press Dough Great Craft Gift for Your Child

Press Dough seems like it would make a good addition to your kids crafts arsenal. This one may require a bit more clean up than the others. I still think it is a worthwhile investment. With it being cyber Monday and all I thought it would be a great time to post about this great gift idea for the child in your life.

While Press Dough may not be a childs craft per se, it still will hold hours of enjoyment for you and your child. Imagine the cool cookies your child will be able to make for your loved ones. This commercial shows just what is included with the Press Dough kit. Right now the PressDough is buy one get one free.

With the Press Dough you get:
2 Cookie Presses
24 Cookie Patterns
24 Cookie Molds
4 Cookie Shapers
8 Frosting Tips
2 Flour Shakers
2 Spatulas
2 Rolling Pins
2 Cutting Wheels
I feel the Press Dough is a great gift for any child. With the buy one get one deal, now is a great time to get it.

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