No Mess Kids Crafts for Around 20 Bucks

You may have noticed lately I have been adding childrens craft videos to Fun Hobby Videos. I wrote this post up to feature a few crafts that are ideal for children. These crafts can all be tried out for around twenty bucks.

Another feature of these kids crafts is minimal cleanup. It is always nice to have as little clean up as possible. Also important is a craft that can help foster creativity. Without further ado here are a few of these childrens crafts that we feel are ideal. These crafts are not all exclusively childrens crafts. They are crafts that most children should have no problem doing. Of course the classics such as crochet or knitting will always be great crafts for kids to learn, the following are just a bit easier to pick up on.

Loom Knitting

Loom knitting if you are a regular here at Fun Hobby Videos you already know that loom knitting is a major focus of ours. This craft is very easy to learn, requires very little clean up. Once again loom knitting has nearly endless possibilities when it comes to creativity. Just pick up a set of Knifty Knitters, get some yarn and your child will be all set.


Bedazzler, the Bedazzler of course needs no explanation. This is a great tool for allowing your child to show off their creativity. This another low or no mess craft with limitless possibilities.


Fuzzoodles are a cool little kids craft that allows your child to twist and shape their creations. Then they can add different funny faces. They also can be disassembled and then made into a completely different creation.


Bendaroos are another pretty nifty looking kids craft that I noticed videos for lately. They are a string encased in wax that can be bent and shaped into various different projects. They also come with traceable templates to guide your child through the projects.

Press Dough

Press Dough, this is just something I thought that looked pretty cool. I would imagine the cleanup may be substantial with Press Dough. I figured I would add it anyway. A little mess isn’t always so bad. It kind of reminds me of the extruders that you get with Play Doh. Only with Press Dough you can bake it into cookies. With Christmas on its way this would make a really cool gift.

Whether you choose one of the hobbies and crafts mentioned or something else it is a good idea to encourage your children to take up a craft. I believe nurturing creativity in children at a young age can have a great effect for many years to come. Plus the results can be quite enjoyable.

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