Martha Stewart Crafts Knitting and Weaving Loom

These Martha Stewart looms are really quite cool. Not only can you loom knit with them, they are also great for weaving. They are fully adjustable. You can assemble the loom in various configurations and also switch the pegs to attain different gauges. This is one cool adjustable knitting loom, with the bonus of being able to weave.

The weaving kind of reminds you of those old metal pot holder looms that everyone used as a kid. Only the Martha Stewart loom is much cooler. You can weave the pieces then attach them together to make some very nice pieces. The weave is nice and tight and makes a really nice design. I still haven’t fully explored all of the possibilities. I think it will take me a while. The Martha Stewart loom is a great place to let your imagination go wild.

The Martha Stewart adjustable knitting loom is incredible. Adjustable knitting looms are really hit or miss. I have a few other brands. Some are excellent some not so much. I won’t call anybody out right now, but there have been some real stinkers when it comes to adjustable knitting looms.

The configuration options make the loom quite versatile. It can be a pain to have to switch the pegs each time you want to use a different gauge; I guess it’s just one of them things.

The loom does seem a bit flimsy; I’m not completely sure how well it would hold up for someone who knits too tight. Fortunately it really isn’t necessary to pull your stitches so tight anyway. This is something I think most of us learned early on in loom knitting.

Plus it is backed by Lion Brand and we all know how great Lion Brands yarn is. Overall I feel the Martha Stewart Crafts Knitting and Weaving Loom is well worth the price. I believe HSN has it right now for less than 35 bucks. I’d say you can’t beat it for a knitting loom that is so versatile.


  1. Karen Mokas says:

    I love this loom. I would have saved a lot of money had this been available years ago. I have even purchased a second one and now I can make a huge loom.. I also always have more than one project on my looms…

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for stopping by Karen. I hadn’t even thought of buying a second one, that is a great idea. I checked out your site. That is a wonderful thing you are doing.

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