Loom Knitting Projects for the Spring Holidays

Loom Knitting Projects for the Spring Holidays.
Why not loom knit some projects for each holiday? This page will link you to projects for spring holidays. You could make a set of these for a gift for a special person in your life.

Valentine’s Day

Mini Hearts
These little mini hearts have many uses. Decorate hats, scarves, or other loom knitted projects, Why not make a hair bow by fastening them to a pretty ribbon? Fasten one or two to a pin back and you have a quick cute handmade pin.

Heart Shaped Kitchen Scrubby
Combine tulle with cotton yarn to loom knit a heart shaped scrubby. This is an easy and quick project. You will have lots of fun making these. There is a danger to these. I made a few, and then everyone in my family wanted one. They all love them.

Single Heart Dishcloth
This loom knitting project is great to decorate  your kitchen for Valentine’s day. It is loom knitted on a dishcloth rake. These also make nice washcloths. Use these all year long.

St Patrick’s Day

Loom Knitted Mini Shamrocks
This is a very versatile pattern. It is easy and quick to make. Glue them on to a pin back . You could use a novelty yarn to make them . A glitter yarn would be great for this. Decorate them with a small flower or bow.


Mini Basket, Jellybean Baskets
Loom Knit these for Easter, they are quick and easy to do. Jellybeans would be great in them.
These mini baskets will have lots of uses. They can be made in colors for a baby or bridal shower. Great favors filled with candy or a small floral arrangement.
This basket is made with a unique cast on, the drawstring cast on. This cast on was designed by Brenda Myers. It is used on several of her projects.

Loom Knitted Bunny PurseCute Easter Bunny Purse
This is a quick project. The purse was easy to do. I made it in a variety of yarns, knitting worsted, and a unknown fuzzy yarn I found at a yard sale. The little girls I have made them for loved them. This loom pattern is a lot of fun.

Bunny Dish Cloth Intarsia on The Loom
Bunny Intarsia
This is a great pattern for a dishcloth, a cute bunny perfect for Easter. Once you get the hang of it, make the pattern with double strand s yarn and make a matching hot pad.
Another idea would be for an afghan. You could use knitting worsted to make then loom knitted squares, and alternate the bunny squares with plain loom knitted squares. This is a very versatile pattern.

Cute mini bunnies made on spool loom. Make a bunch of bunnies and a mini basket.

Check back for more loom knitting projects.

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