Loom Knitting Projects For Fall

Fall Loom Knitting Projects

Here are some cute free loom knitting projects for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

This is a trio of Halloween buddies. Make your choice of Boo Ella the ghost,Tom Tildrum,the cat ,or Jacko the mini pumpkin. Even better ,why not make all three. They are quick projects. Everyone will love them, children and adults alike.
Halloween Trio

Here is another trio of Halloween buddies for Halloween. There is Bela Bat,Witchy-poo,and Mort,the Mummy. This is another great trio for your Halloween fun. Make one of them or make them the whole set. These are great easy loom knitted projects.
Trick or Treat Trio

Loom knit a group of these pumpkins for your fall decorating. This project will work for the whole autumn season. Use a variety of loom sizes to create different size pumpkins for decorative groupings. There are three different patterns so you can create your own pumpkin patch.
Pumpkin Pattern 1
Pumpkin Pattern 2

You have to have a spider for Halloween This cute little guy is a easy loom knitted project. Scroll down the page to find the pattern for Spencer.
Spencer the Spider

This project would be great on your Thanksgiving table. You could use them for each place setting. Your guests will love them.
Tiny Corncupia and Mini Veggies

Make your choice of Tom Turkey Hat, spider web hat,a cute little pumpkin hat, or a candy corn hat. These hats are easy to do.
Cute baby hats

Most of these are Knifty Knitter patterns but can be used with other knitting looms. Check out these other free loom knitting projects.

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