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free loom knitting patterns

Locating good free loom knitting patterns can be a pain sometimes. As I’m sure you already know there are tons of great loom knitting projects that can be made, for gifts or even for profit. It is a wonderful thing to be able to present your loved ones with a handmade gift that you made with your own two hands. Especially when that gift is a beautiful piece that they would be proud to wear.

Loom knitting is great because of just how easy it is to learn. There are various stitches that can be mastered on your knitting loom. From very basic to quite advanced such as the double knit stitch. Many loom knitters don’t make it past the hat. Of course the hat is the first thing you master, when you get your new Knifty knitter round looms, if you stop there though you miss out on the really cool pieces. That is where these patterns come in.

The Internet is a great resource for just about anything, that is no different for loom knitting. There is no shortage of loom knitting patterns out there both free and paid. Unfortunately most sites do not have them organized in any way. I’m sure you may have seen them they are just huge lists of links without any real guidance as to what is at the other end of the link. While this is great, it is very tedious if you are looking for something specific.

You are in luck Fun Hobby Videos is working on a solution. We are currently working on a categorized list of free patterns that will include links as well as brief descriptions. Each category will have its own page. More categories will be added regularly.

This is actually quite a bit of work so please bear with us. More will be coming shortly I swear for now here are:

List of Free Loom Knitting Patterns

Summer Loom Knitting Patterns

Christmas Loom Knitting Patterns

Fall Loom Knitting Patterns

Loom Knitting Patterns for Baby

I also encourage you to check out some of the loom knitting pattern books. They are written by the best names in loom knitting. You can find detailed reviews at loom knitting book reviews.

I also own this loom knitting project eBook. To be honest it is not excellent. It does have some original patterns, and I feel it was worth the 10 dollar price tag. Included are baby sweater patterns, slipper patterns and dog sweater patterns and more. The immediate access is also definite plus.

The sales page is a bit confusing. The buy now button is actually very small and located directly under the image of the book. Get this loom knitting pattern book here.

Also you should know that if you buy the book through that link Fun Hobby Videos will make a small commission. So to those of you who have bought it thanks for supporting us. I assure that has not influenced my “glowing” review in any way. As I said we will continue to add links to free loom knitting patterns.

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