Loom Knitting Garter Stitch Video Tutorial

This video shows a clever way to do the garter stitch on a knitting loom. The garter stitch produces a knit fabric that is reversible and creates a ridge. It will lay flat and you can avoid the curling of the fabric. The garter stitch is a very versatile stitch, it can be used on small projects such as dishcloths or larger ones like afghan panels, sweaters, shawls etc.

The basic pattern is
row 1 Knit
row 2 Purl

Repeat rows 1 &2 until you have the desired size.

Each two rows is one Garter Stitch Ridge. Patterns that tell you to make 20 garter stitch ridges require you to knit 40 rows.

The Garter Stitch can be done on either flat looms or on the round knitting looms.

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