Loom Knitting a hat for a Preemie On The Knifty Knitter

loom knitting patterns

Loom knitting tutorial, this video will take you through the complete process of knitting a preemie hat on the Knifty Knitter. A process that can just be sized up with the next bigger loom to make a larger size hat. Loom knitting is a pretty fun and easy hobby that anyone can master.

I have been doing it for a couple years myself and the internet has been a great resource to learn the art of loom knitting. If you have not tried working with a knitting loom and might be interested the Knifty Knitter is a great starter loom. Once you master it there are some great fine gauge looms out there that will get you some amazing results.

In the spirit of helping people get started on a new fun hobby I have added the following hat sizing guide and product links to help you get the most out of this loom knitting tutorial video.

This video shows how to make a preemie hat on the smallest knifty knitter. Hats are the easiest item to knit on the KK and this video takes you through the steps. It is a good basic video, and by using this technique and choosing a larger size of the Knifty Knitter you can loom knit a hat in other sizes. Your choice of yarn should be a knitting worsted such as Red Heart.

This is a great inexpensive hobby that can be started for under 30 bucks.

It is much more economical to get the set, plus once you start knitting on the knifty knitter you are going to want the different size options. Get the

This is the size of hat each loom knits:
Blue: 24 pegs use for large preemies and small newborns
Red: 31 pegs for children 2-5
Green: 36 pegs older kids, teenagers,small adults
Purple hat loom: most adult heads
Yellow: 41 pegs larger heads

When you are ready to try something more complex than hats get instant access to loom knitting patterns

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