Loom Knit Tote Bag on Knifty Knitter Rexlace

Use your Knifty Knitter to knit a tote bag. This craft video features a cool idea to loom knit a tote bag. You can definitely add your own twists to it.

Use the Knifty Knitter to loom knit a tote bag. Use the knitting loom that is the right size for the bag you wish to knit. This video shows the yellow Knifty Knitter as an example. On this tote bag she uses rex lace, you could use yarn if so inclined. This pattern works up quickly and easily. This is a loom knit project that you will probably want to make several of.

If you are looking for spools of Rexlace you can find them in various colors at the following link:

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