Bendaroos Cool Kids Craft

Have you seen Bendaroos? Lately on Fun Hobby Videos I have been featuring some kids crafts. Trying to focus primarily on those with little or no mess, I mean it’s nice to avoid clean up as much as possible.

Bendaroos are a perfect example of a craft with very little clean up. They can also be unbent and used to make new projects. I also really enjoy crafts like this that allow a child to use their imagination.

I found this advertisement video for Bendaroos they sum it up better than I can.

This seems like a decent size kit to try out this cool kids craft. In case you’re wondering where to buy Bendaroos you can find them here. For 20 bucks they would make a great gift for any creative child.

With this kit you get:
• 250 Rainbow Bendaroos
• 250 Neon Bendaroos
• The Guide Book
• 10 Templates

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