Intarsia Knitting

Intarsia Knitting a Beautiful Technique

This is a form of knitting which sometimes is called picture knitting. Intarsia knitting is a technique which may require several colors. You can do intarsia with as few as two colors. Intarsia may seem complicated but all that is required is your basic knitting skills. If you can knit and purl you can do intarsia knitting. Learning this technique will open your knitting skills up to new opportunities.

Intarsia is less bulky than some of the other color work knitting techniques. This is because the yarn is not carried along the piece.

The challenges to learning intarsia knitting are how you manage your yarn. Knitting Intarsia patterns are done without carrying the strands across the work. Multiple colors are in separate balls and can be wound on to bobbins to keep them from tangling.   I have used zip lock sandwich bags to separate my colors. I place each ball in its own bag, and run my yarn through a slit in the side. This has worked better for me than bobbins.

As you work your design and the new color comes up it is important to twist the new strand around the yarn you will be dropping. This will prevent holes and gaps in the knitting.

If your pattern calls for diagonal color changes, when the stitch slants to the right twist the yarn on knit rows. If the stitch leans to the left, twist the yarn on purl row.  So you will be twisting every other row.  If you get confused, always twist to prevent holes in your work. Your new color will come up under the old color.

When vertical stitches are in your pattern, twist your yarn with the new yarn behind the old color. Twisting or trapping the yarn is important. If you don’t do it at all, your Intarsia knitting project will be in separate pieces. If you forget to do it during the project there will be holes where you didn’t twist.

Intarsia knitting patterns are comprised of color charts. You will follow the chart to complete your knitting picture.

Intarsia Knitting Start Out Simple

The best way to start Intarsia knitting is to start out simple. Choose two colors, and do a simple pattern so you can see how the stitch works.  Once you start you will find Intarsia knitting a great new knitting technique.


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