Intarsia Knitting Videos

Intarsia Knitting Intro Video Part One

These two videos are from Planet These two videos will give you a good start on learning to use the intarsia knitting technique. Planet Purl is a nice community with lots of groups and classes. You can get the free pattern when you register and join the intarsia knitting class. Planet Purl offers a variety of information for the yarn artist.


Intarsia Knitting Intro Part Two


Untangling Yarn Tips for Intarsia Knitting

Intarsia Knitting creates beautiful knitted articles. Because it uses multiple colors, there are problems with tangles in your yarns This video gives tips on keeping your yarn untangled.


Reading The Charts for Intarsia Knitting

When you are working on a piece of color work knitting, the chart is an important tool. Both intarsia and fair isle knitting are worked with charts. This is a short informational video with tips on reading color charts for both flat knitting and round knitting. Placement of your colors is important in intarsia knitting.


Help with Color Changes in Intarsia

This is a clear video showing several color changes. She uses two colors to demonstrate how color changes work. This video shows how to use yarn bobbins when you do intarsia knitting. Intarsia creates beautiful knitted pieces and is a knitted stitch worth learning.

Intarsia Knitting In The Round

This video shows you how to do Intarsia knitting in the round. She demonstrates seamless intarsia knitting in the round. In the video she gives you pointers on keeping your knitting stitches tight to avoid any gaps in your knitted project. You will also see how to increase your contrast color stitches in the intarsia technique.

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