Duplicate Stitch Tutorial Video

The Duplicate stitch can be be used to decorate your knitting projects.

It will embroider designs on the knitting fabric. Many patterns use it to embellish the project. The duplicate stitch can also be used to reinforce a weak spot in your knitting.
Watch the videos and you will have great understanding of the stitch,and how to do it.
Duplicate stitch is also know as Swiss darning. Once you master it, you will find many uses for this versatile stitch.


Basics of duplicate stitch

Video shows how to reinforce a weak spot and also shows the basics of duplicate stitch.



Decorative Duplicate Stitch

Use duplicate stitch to add a monogram or other design to your finished knitted project. This videos shows how to use a chart to duplicate stitch on a knitting project.

Using duplicate stitch on reverse stockinette

This video show how to use duplicate stitch on reverse stockinette,it can be used to weave in loose ends. It is a great method that will hide your loose yarn ends.

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