Pottery Wheel for a Great Fun Hobby

A pottery wheel is a machine used to shape clay. The motion of the wheel and the guidance of the potters hands shape the clay into round shapes such as vases, bowls, and various other objects. The Earliest date that pottery wheels were used was from 14000 BC to 8000 BC, stone carvings indicate the use of turning table to create pottery.

Pottery Wheels were used for mass-producing pottery from 700 BC to sometime in the 1700’s The use of the potter’s wheel became widespread throughout the Old World but was unknown in the Pre-Columbian New World , where pottery was hand-made by methods that included coiling and beating. After the arrival of Columbus which brought more European settlers to the New World, it was introduced, and changed the way pottery was made.

Over the years the pottery wheel improved and became faster which increased the number of projects which could be done. This versatile tool can be used for saucers, vases, flower pots, bowls, etc.

The advances in technology made the pottery wheel smoother to operate and along with increased speed, smooth spirals, true circles, and stems could be created.

Modern pottery wheels are available that use electricity to allow the user to change wheel speeds. This gives users greater control with shaping the pottery. But many potters still prefer the pedal controlled wheel.

There are hobby wheels that can be had for a relatively low price. This is a great way to decide if a pottery wheel is the right for you. It can be a relaxing hobby, and you can create many unique artistic pieces as well as household items with your own distinctive style.

The kids can get involved, too. If they have the desire to create on the pottery wheel, there are small wheels designed just for children. They are reasonably priced and created with children in mind.

Pottery wheels are great way to express your artistic abilities, and the pieces you can create are endless.

Pottery wheel videos will soon be added to fun hobby videos. If you would like to learn more now about throwing clay with a pottery wheel check out.

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