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The Fabulous World of The Knifty Knitter

The Knifty knitter is perhaps the best known knitting loom these days. Loom knitting can be a very fun and rewarding hobby. This great craft has been around for centuries. Many people who have used the Knifty knitter never seem to go beyond making hats. This is actually kind of a shame. The possibilities are nearly endless using this versatile knitting loom. These inexpensive yet versatile looms can be used to make many wonderful projects.

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Free Knifty Knitter Patterns

The Knifty knitter loom is of course the entry level knitting loom.

This is a great way to get started with this fun hobby. Once a crafter becomes proficient on the Knifty knitter loom they will often find they would like to investigate other knitting looms. There are several companies that produce looms of various sizes and gages.

One unfortunate drawback are the Knifty knitter instructions, they are not very good. Fortunately with the Internet and especially Youtube, there are a wide variety of loom knitting tutorial videos that loom knitters can take advantage of. Here on fun hobby videos we will continue to add more of these videos as often as we can. Loom knitting patterns are also something that people look for. It can be fun to design your own Knifty Knitter patterns. There also are any number of web sites that provide both free and paid loom knitting patterns. Most people who have researched loom knitting, especially on the Internet, will know of Isela Phelps who has pretty much become a loom knitting legend. Her books are always a good choice when looking for new loom knitting projects. If you don’t haveyou should get it.

In general loom knitting projects are only limited by the imagination. There are so many stitches that can be done, it is one of those crafts that you can just sort of run with. If this sounds like an interesting hobby to you why not check out some of our loom knitting tutorial videos. Then get yourself a set of Knifty Knitters, the set of round looms is probably a good place to start. Once you have your Knifty knitters come back here to fun hobby videos and get started right away on your loom knitting projects. I believe once you have created your first project you will be hooked on this wonderful and fun hobby. Next thing you know you will be making beautiful projects for all of your loved ones.

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