How to Crochet a Hat for Beginners Video

Basic Video Tutorial: How to Crochet a Hat for Beginners

I encourage people to try out new fun hobbies, even ones that may take them a little out of their comfort zone. The problem is many hobbies involve a substantial initial investment, not this one. Here is a fun hobby that you can try out for under ten bucks and have a finished project in a couple of hours.

Are you interested in taking up crochet as a new fun hobby? This crochet tutorial video is a great way to get started in crochet. Learn how to crochet this hat and then the sky is the limit from there. I have provided links to the necessary products to get started on this hat. Just think of all the handmade gifts you can be making for your loved ones. Get your yarn and your hook and get crocheting.

Easy Crochet Hat

This video shows how to create a basic crochet hat for the beginning crocheter, and also can be adapted in several ways. Use a G crochet hook and knitting worsted yarn, either simply soft which is a very nice soft yarn or red heart worsted yarn. These are yarns that are nice to work with and come in a great variety of colors.

This a great yarn to use with this crocheted hat. Joann’s online has an amazing assortment of colors, much more than the stores, check it out. Grab Two skeins of this.
Then get this great starter back of crochet hooks that includes the G hook and 2 other common sizes that you will be able to use for years to come.

Once you receive your crochet supplies follow along with the video and there you go a fun new hobby for under ten bucks. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on How to Crochet a Hat for Beginners.

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