Bedazzler Rhinestone Setter

Does everyone remember the Bedazzler? I thought I’d mention the Bedazzler here on fun hobby videos. This popular rhinestone setting machine has been around since the seventies. Of course the popularity goes in and out all the time.

You even hear of celebrities mentioning them once and a while. A few years ago they mentioned the Bedazzler on The Apprentice; on Big Love they mentioned it. I even read somewhere that Danny Bonaduce liked to Bedazzle. The thing about the Bedazzler is that it does not have to be gaudy or cheesy. If you use the right techniques you can achieve a good look without going overboard.

If you are looking for another fun hobby, the Bedazzler is rather inexpensive. They can be used to “Bedazzle” just about anything. From shoes to clothes and whatever else you may think of. They really kind of work like a stapler that sets rhinestones.

There are a great variety of stones that can be used with the Bedazzler. If you look around the possibilities really are endless.

The Bedazzlers are actually pretty neat. These things can be used to embellish just about anything. My mom has bedazzled some shoes I’m going to have her make some videos. Check for some Bedazzler videos coming soon.

I just thought I would add this old Bedazzler commercial video. Remember this? Of course like I said your “Bedazzling” does not have to be cheesy like this. Why not try one out, if nothing else your kids might really enjoy it.

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